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We are a neat little practice, based in Brisbane, Australia. We work to help you understand your business, tailoring a service around your day-to-day accounting needs.  Check out the software we work with, industries we know and of course, feel free to get in touch or book your free consultation.


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Payroll keeps the business rolling, and reinforces your business ethic from the inside.  From system set-up and payroll troubleshooting to full payroll management – we make sure what you need is covered.

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Compliance in a business, is a set of processes. We excel at those processes – knowing what they are, when they should happen and how they are completed. From systems to information through to preparation and lodgement – come and see the dream compliance can be.

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Cashflow Control

A business that has it’s money flowing well, is one that can better manage the future. Even a little money, managed well – can be enough to build an empire. We can help you start small with new systems inside your business, assist in the process along the way, or manage the entire chain of Receivables or Payables.

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Are you paying for accounting software? Is it being used to it’s full potential inside your business? Check out all the accounting software we use now and what we train on … after all why pay the money if you can’t utilise the investment?

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For a business to make the great decisions, people need the right information about how the business is doing – right now. We can provide the info and the commentary around it and what influences it. That way, you make the better decisions.

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Yay to the cloud! Nay to the software nightmares. The accounting software you have in your business needs to be awesome! If it isn’t, either it’s not being used right (check out our Training!) or you need something a little different. So, what’s a good idea?

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Our business journey began in 2011, not long after the amendments to the Tax Agent Services Act 2009, creating a level of Advisors to assist small business with GST and PAYG compliance. We began to combine our knowledge of small business and their financial day-to-day challenges to make tailored solutions

As part of Talo we thrive in getting to know our clients and what drives them to succeed in their business. This helps us to understand what they need from their financial information and what areas we can tailor a working solution for. No matter the industry or location, it is still people that push business and innovation forward. That’s where our passion is found – because unless you understand your business, it cannot thrive!



Principal BAS Agent

From a very young age, Cindy has had a passion for numbers. Today she works skillfully with that passion to help small businesses to better understand the numbers that flow through them. In her spare time she loves drinking coffee, watching classic movies and becoming absorbed in a variety of topics that pique her interest.

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Office Administrator

Ebony has been working for Talo on and off since it’s start up, she now oversees the office full time. She holds qualifications in Business Administration and keeps the wheels running smooth. Outside of the office, Ebony tinkers with photography and really hates peas!

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Loryn is a long-term bookkeeper and staff member with Talo. She is brilliant at ironing out frustrating nuances and takes on the hard tasks. Outside of the office, Loryn loves music and going to see bands and hates being late.

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  • Do you need a dedicated, attentive, pro-active and knowledgeable bookkeeper to support your business? Look no further than Cindy and TALO. Cindy has provided our business with an unbelievable level of high-quality service for over 5 years now, and I would highly recommend!

    Ben Hutchinson - Managing Director, Ginger Sport Pty Ltd

  • Cindy is personable, reliable, helpful, efficient, trustworthy, knowledgeable, and polite. I recommend Cindy to help with all aspects of bookkeeping for small to medium sized businesses. I run a small but growing business and I am very happy to have found Cindy at TALO, who has helped me manage all financial aspects of my business every step of the way. My advice is to get Cindy and to keep hold of her; as her valuable expertise in financial services is highly sought after.

    Tish Kirkland - E-learning Provider, Resource Writer, English Language Teacher/Tutor, Business Owner

  • Working alongside Talo Financial Solutions staff has invariably been positive in my experience. Cindy’s keen insight and her team-player approach mean that she functions more like an outstanding member of your own organisation than an outsider

    Peter Dunstan

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