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We have a range of services to suit your business needs, whether you’re after our standard services or our more tailored bespoke solutions.


We offer a range of small business payroll services to our regular clients. This ranges from processing and/or paying payrolls on a weekly/fortnightly basis to covering holiday periods for business owners so that payroll is still attended to.

If you have a small regular payroll of around 1 – 20 persons and find that the streamlining and processing of pays, entitlements, superannuation, payments and paperwork is a stress point in the business, talk to us about how we could fit into your schedule to reduce the pain points and have the payroll flowing neatly and smoothly – all while being compliant with Fairwork!

We work with Workforce Guardian to ensure that your payroll queries and industrial matters are sorted legally and according to any required guidelines.


Every small business in Australia is aware of compliance. Australian rules come thick and fast. While we cant help you with everything, we assist clients on a daily basis with all manner of the following types of compliance. If these areas are ones that you struggle to stay on top of, we can assist with finding a way to get the information where it needs to be, while freeing up your time to run the business.

Do you have to take care of:

  • Business Activity Statements (BAS)
  • Income Activity Statements (IAS) ( example, monthly employee tax)
  • Superannuation
  • TPAR – Taxable Payments Annual Reports
  • ABS Reports – Australian Bureau of Statistics
  • State Payroll Tax

We specialise in these areas, in fact, they all have a main component of bookkeeping. We are registered BAS Agents, skilled and educated in ensuring these things are correct and lodged on time. We can take care of the whole process for you, or work only with the end review –its entirely up to the needs of your business.


  • 1


    BAS: Let’s connect! Electronically prepared and lodged Activity Statements covering GST, PAYG Withholding, Fuel Tax Credits and more.

  • 2

    Employee Super

    Employee Super needs to comply with both SuperStream rules and SG deadlines.

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    Other Reporting

    TPAR for the Building & Construction Industry; ABS Statistical reports for exports/imports … and a variety of other external reporting

  • 4

    Keep it up

    After everything is up and running, we make sure it’s going to keep running nice, smooth & fast.

Cashflow Control

They say one weak link can break the chain – if cashflow is an issue in your business, chances are that things are stressful. The waves of business always require a bit of surfing but many businesses have a weak link – it might be on the Sales side, or the money collection side – it might be in the area of bills and paperwork and knowing what is due. If you find, as a business that making ends meet is is more complex than it should be – it could be time to have a check up.

We know small business well. We know the ups and downs and the tips and tricks to helping your receivables and payables flow smoothly. Once things are set up correctly, we can show you what to look out for in your business and your staff, customers and suppliers to make sure these things just flow.


We have a team of bookkeepers whose primary skillset is around business numbers, business books and the tasks and processes associated with bookkeeping. We offer training in software as well as general accounts training for new staff bookkeeping staff members. We have often assisted our regular clients when they have a change of staff, in training that person in the bookkeeping aspects of the position and how they can make sure they are doing the right things at the right time to assist the business.

For business owners, we offer training in the parts of the software you need to understand –perhaps thats in reporting – to track the business, or payroll to run your own. Training is catered specifically to each business.


As business advisors we are in a unique position to be able to see into your business, without being inside it. This gives you the advantage of an external view point and of access to the accumulated knowledge of the general ways that small business tackle everyday problems.

We offer regular management reporting, one-off consulting and project consulting – depending on the needs of the business. We also work with a range of great Accountants, Financial Advisors, Insurance Brokers, Mortgage Brokers etc to ensure that you have access to the people with the right qualifications to advise on any issues that arise.


Most businesses in Australia should be using computer software now to run their accounting. The type and complexity of software you need depends entirely on the business you have. There is no one size fits all. Each software has pros and cons. We work with a range of softwares and processes to fit into the needs of your business.

We can assist with software you already have or with a software needs analysis to start up on some software or change software. We migrate softwares, clean softwares, analyse softwares and most of all use softwares.

And if you are micro in size and just use excel – thats fine too!

Check out our softwares section for more info.

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